About The Forbidden Books

The crypto-space is all about freedom. Economic, artistic, and, above all, freedom of speech.
History shows us time and time again that freedom of speech and thought were put at risk by authoritarian governments, religious institutions, and even by self-righteous moralism.

In Voltaire’s own words:
“I may not agree with what you have to say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it” 

Because of that, to celebrate freedom, we gathered a number of books that were banned or censored by the Church, Authoritarian Regimes from the 20th century, and even by western countries' Governments.
A story isn’t any fun without an antagonist, so our project will also bring you some censorship agents and give you the opportunity to choose your side in the battle for free speech!
Disclaimer: the team chose to use works that are under Public Domain in all countries to avoid any legal implications, especially on the secondary market sales.


  • Preface

    Establish an active community organically. Share our vision, hear the community and see people enjoying taking part in our project.
    Mint 2,500 NFTs consisting of 1,250 books and 1,250 censors all randomly generated. Books on the Header/Banner format and censors on a pfp format.

  • Epigraph

    List the books and the censors on the secondary market separately so we can use the royalties of one to burn the other.
    Start our "cross-burn" mechanism between the books and the censors. Where we will use 70% of the royalties to burn the supply.

  • Chapter 1

    Create the Book Club (our DAO) to talk about the project, let the community actively take part in the project and see what we can improve, have a book discussion club with a book per month, and even more!
    Write weekly reports about the burning process, share all the data, and give insights to the community.

  • Afterwords

    Finish the burning after we burn 50% of the total supply. Write an article about the whole project and share it with the community.
    Discuss with the community what to do with the royalties and release the Roadmap 2.0

  • TBA


What is "The Forbidden Books"?
The Forbidden Books is an NFT project on the Solana blockchain. The collection consists of 1,250 books and 1,250 censors randomly generated. And we are doing a "cross-burn" in this project.

Books? Censors? So two different collections? What's the utility?
Books and censors will be two different collections but minted at the same time and you won't know what you will get when you mint. After we mint, we will list the two collections separately on the secondary market and we will use the royalties of the censor's collection to burn (so censor) books, and book's royalties to burn (and silence) the censors. We aim to burn half of the supply.

What is the "cross-burn" thing?
From the get-go, our project has been focused on the cross-burn mechanism between its two collections: “The Forbidden Books” and “The Censors”.
We’ll be using a deflationary mechanism, which consists of buying NFTs off the floor and “burning” them to increase the collection's scarcity.
But here is the catch: the royalties received from the book's sales will be used to burn agents and vice versa. In this way, it’s like books (or you could say writers/people supporting them) and censors owners are financing the fight against each other, pro or against censorship.
We’re eager to find out how the cross-burn dynamic will impact the collection's prices, and most importantly, on the community’s behavior.
Increasing the sales volume means increasing the chance of NFTs being burned, which, in turn, will increase scarcity and the collection's values. This cyclic behavior will be the main subject of our weekly market analysis, where we will present sales data from both collections, the burning process, and the price fluctuations resulting from said process.

How many traits are in The Forbidden Books? Will we have a rarity chart?
For the books, we will make it on a header format, we selected 15 public domain books and we will have over 50 traits for the NFT itself. For the censors, pfp format, we will have 3 classes (priests, agents, and soldiers) with over 100 traits total. We will also have 3 uniques of each collection.

Mint Price?
0.1984 sol, but make sure to add a bit more sol for transactions fees.

How many NFTs can I buy per Transaction?
We limited 1 NFT per tx.

Will there be a secondary market?
Yes, we will be listed on Magic Eden.

Will there be royalties for secondary market sales?
Yes, we will set it to 7.5%. We are going to use 70% of the total amount of the royalties to burn the other collection and vice versa as explained. The other 30% will be invested back on the project.

How much of the supply will you burn?
We will burn until we cut the total supply in half. After that, we will let the holders decide what to do with the royalties (eg. keep burning, airdrop, create a token, etc)

Will we be able to keep track of the burn?
Yes! We will do a weekly analysis on how the burning is going with our data analyst. Also when we reach our burning goal we will do a complete article and publish it to show how it went and talk about the key points we noticed on how the project went, etc...

The team


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